The impact of modern technology on our lives cannot be overemphasised. They make us freer. A few years ago it was unimaginable that you could receive mail regardless of your location, the only thing that matters is the presence of the Internet. All virtual mailbox services have applications where notifications of new mails come instantly. Let’s take a look at the Best Virtual Mailboxes with Notifications on your phone

Anytime Mailbox gives post office and business centre operators a unique opportunity to offer electronic mailboxes to their customers quickly. You will be able to pre-select your virtual address when selecting a location.

Platform features include:
– Training and documentation to help you use the platform effectively.
– The ability to use your existing scanner, tablet or mobile device to scan and assign mail to customers.
– The ability to view and manage mail on any device.

PostScan Mail  offers a high quality virtual mailbox service that provides convenient access to your mail anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of service:
– Manage your mail remotely from anywhere in the world – offers a convenient way to control and process your mail, regardless of your location.
– Complete privacy – protecting your data and ensuring that your mail is delivered only to you.
– Personalised forwarding – emails are filtered and only the ones you are really interested in are sent to you.
– Automatic document saving – systems automatically save scanned document images to your personal account.

Choose PostScan Mail to effectively manage your mail and get the ultimate in convenience and security.

iPostal1 is the ideal solution for small businesses, thanks to its affordable price and extensive functionality. With low cheque deposit fees, 24/7 access to a digital mailbox and the ability to store parcels for free for up to 10 days, iPostal1 provides all the perks you need. Small businesses always appreciate the affordability of services and are willing to pay only for the features they need, realising their value as they grow. That’s why iPostal1 offers maximum features at the best price for small businesses.

Virtual Post Mail. Get free registered agent services and a digital mailbox for easy access to business messages. Virtual Post Mail saves your customers over $100 per year and provides mail destruction and delivery confirmation.
A registered agent is necessary for many businesses to obtain legal and government documentation. Typically, businesses have to pay for this service to be in compliance with the law. However, Virtual Post Mail offers free registered agent services for businesses that choose a virtual mailbox plan.

Traveling Mailbox is a virtual mailbox service provider that provides the ability to scan and manage mail over the internet. It also provides forwarding of packages/small parcels and mail to any location in the world.

Main Features:
– A real physical address for receiving mail is provided.
– Unlimited telephone support is provided.
– Letters are scanned and available for viewing in PDF format.
– Mail forwarding facility is provided.
– Ability to send PDF files to services such as Google Drive,, Evernote and Dropbox.
– Receive email notifications when a new email is received.